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A-1 Bakery: 流心吉士忌廉麻糬泡芙限時優惠

Diet/Bread, Food/Cake


2021-10-20 13:24

搵著數 WenJetso

搵著數 WenJetso

【流心吉士忌廉麻糬泡芙優惠】 流心吉士忌廉麻糬泡芙內含幼滑嘅吉士忌廉,同時更加上雲尼拿籽令泡芙添上淡淡嘅芳香,既香濃又軟滑。全線分店現推出優惠,喺推廣期10月1-31日 可以優惠價$18 (原價$24)購買一包流心吉士忌廉麻糬泡芙。快啲嚟買喇! With the thinly layer of chewy mochi, the silky and delicate custard cream infused with aromatic vanilla seeds give the mochi a fragrant aroma and more of a flavor. Now you can enjoy Lava Custard Cream Mochi Puff with special offer $18 (original price $24). Come and grab one while it lasts. 官方Instagram【Official IG】: a1bakeryhk #A1Bakery #a1bakeryhk #A1BakeryGroup #流心吉士忌廉麻糬泡芙 #雲尼拿籽 #既香濃又軟滑 #全線分店現推出優惠 顯示較少內容

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2021-10-01 to 2021-10-31